Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Writing a letter for our principal, Mr. Code

This term Venus 1 is learning to write friendly letters.  We have been working on our first letter together so that every understands all the elements of a friendly letter.  Below is a description of the process in the students own words.  Our next step will be to write letters as small groups, and then individually to our university writing buddies.

We wanted to tell Mr. Code that he is a nice prinicpal and we are learning how to write friendly letters.  As a class we wrote a letter for Mr. Code

To write our letter first we brainstormed some ideas we could use  to write as a class.

We wote a rough copy to get our ideas out.  Then we crossed out some words and put new words in to make it better and to make more sense.

 Then Ms. Nairn used the edited copy to make a new one, using her best writing.

The we sent it to Mr. Code

Mr. Code liked out letter and he wrote back.

 Written by Ms. Nairn's Class

Photo of Mr. Code taken by Josef

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