Friday, October 21, 2011

The first half of our monster building

I am sure most of our students' families have by now heard something about the monster building project.  I discovered it this summer while exploring different ways to connect with other classrooms around the world.  There are 42 different classrooms participating and each class was tasked with selecting and describing one part of our monster.  I pre-chose the legs and together as a class we described them as:

3 legs, blue, green, gold, 3 feet long, 1.6 feet wide, squishy, scaley, stripes, and glittery

This means each of the 42 participating classrooms with have a monster with 3 legs.

Back in our class, pairs of students have been given a body part to work on and the description of what it should look like.  The pairs must then decided what materials to use and work together to make their part. (Special thanks to all the families who donated various materials to our project, we greatly appreciate it.)   

But the teamwork doesn't stop there.  Each group must also work with the a joining part's group to figure out how to attach the pieces together (for example, the foot group has to also work with the leg group and the toe group).

We hope to have a chance to skype or e-mail some of the other participants, or visit their blogs to see how they are constructing their monsters.

Below is a slide show of our class sorting the body parts to see which ones connected to which, and then us building them.  Also included are two videos of students explaining their plans.

Ms. Nairn
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