Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our short week

It was a short week at school this week, but we got alot accomplished.  We did not get a chance to write a end of week post as a class because we have been working hard on our monster project and everyone is busy with their piece of the puzzle (I will write more on this later this weekend).   

We also had a visit by our community outreach police officer who talked with all the grade two and 1/2 classes about bulling.  I am seeing our students put in to practice the lessons she taught us about sticking up for each other and standing up for yourself.  Every day I see evidence of what a caring and empathetic classroom community everyone has helped create.

We can now do 20 minutes straight of writing and students are getting opportunities to share their hard work with the rest of the class.  It is a delight to see students taking such joy in their writing and I am seeing a lot of growth, our class has come along way in two short months.  As a teacher there is nothing better then seeing students get excited about something, especially writing.  One student this week came up to me after his guided reading session and said "Ms. Nairn, I hope I didn't miss writing".

I can see each child in our class gaining confidence, and getting excited about the new discoveries and connections they are making.  Keep up the great work Venus 1!!!

Ms. Nairn

Some of the students enjoying work on writing:

Our first step in our monster project was to get our creativity flowing by designing our own monsters on paper:


Today was crazy hair day and here are some of the fashionable hairdo's:

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