Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Monster

We have had a very eventful week:

Our monster is done and it is scary (you can see the picture) - Kylie
Our monster's  name is Puffle - Rory
The tail of our monster is long - Daniel
Building the monster was fun - Nick
It took a long time to make the monster - Kaydince
We had so much fun building the monster - A
We like our monster - Lily
We put alot of work into the monster - Keiran

We had baby Lauren and she layed on her back - Devan
We had fun with baby Lauren - Mimi

We had an assembly and we sang Halloween songs - Abi
We had a Halloween party - Morgan
We had Halloween gym - Maki

Our Monster

Enjoying our Halloween Party


room 2 Burnham School New Zealand said...

Kia Ora,

What an awesome but scary monster!! It sounds that you have been very busy with celebrating Halloween.

We also celebrate Halloween in New Zealand but is a more recent celebration, so not everyone joins in or knock on doors.

A more traditional celebrations for is Guy Fawks with Fireworks on 5 November..

Mr Thurlow Room 2 Burnham School, New Zealand

Sue Halbert said...

Your monster is amazing! My 3rd grade class was also a part of the Global Monster Project and we would love to Skype with your class. Please contact me if you are interested!
Sue Halbert
J. Fithian Tatem School
Haddonfield, New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of your giant monster! I wish I could have seen it up on the wall before you had to take it down. It sounds like you are up to lots of exciting learning experiences! Keep up the great work! Mrs. Breslaw Kindergarten