Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Field Trip AND 100 Day

It was the bumpiest bus ride - Mark
The field trip was fun and exciting.  We did a scavanger hunt. - Kylie
Today we went on a field trip and the place we went to the University of Manitoba to see our writing buddies. - Morgan
With our university buddies we did some art, and we had fun with it.  We had stickers that you could put on the paper. - Mimi
We had cake made by Mrs. Boyd.  It was delicious.  It had Alphabits on it. - Dylan
I saw a little statue of a boy with antlers. - Max
I saw the building where nurses go to school.   - Sarah
Our university buddies were with us and we went on a scavanger hunt.  We had to find words and then we had to cross them out on a paper.  - Maki
When we were going back to our school we saw two mascots. One was a crocodile and the other was a bison.  - Lily
When we were on the scavanger hunt we were trying to find three types of flags. - Morgan
We did art with some of our buddies. - Devan & Kaydince
We played a game where we had to find letters under pylons. - A
When we came outside, we lined up in a straight order and we listened to Ms. Nairn.  We walked in with our group , we stopped, and then we went to see Mrs. Boyd. - Mimi

100 Day
On 100 day we had 100 treats. It was penguins, jellybeans, gummy bears and more. - Daniel
We had 100 day and we played 100 ice cream scoops.  Then we had an activity. - Maki
100 day was fun and exciting.  We did a 100 day game and there was candy. - Kylie
We had a party. - Rory
We did 100 seconds of turtle time. - Noah
We did 100 exercises in gym. - Max
We played a game to 100, like drop of doom and race to 100 and 10 plus. - Mark
Everything we did was about 100 and it was fun. - A
We read a 100 day poem with 100 words. - Maki
Everything was fun. -Aidan

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our busy week (the second)

We had music, it was fun.We played a game at the end of music. - Kylie
We Skyped with another class. - Devan
We had buddies and we read to them. - Mimi
On Wednesday we got a new student. - Morgan
In math, we played a game called race to a dollar. - Dylan
We made a game called four corners. - Daniel
We had buddies, we read to them.  We had fun in library. - Abi
We had a guest teacher come to our classroom for Daily 5 and we had to pick our choices and some people were on the computer. - Maki
I named my stuffy Black Ops. - Aidan
When we started, the people we were Skyping with started cheering for the Jets and we started to cheer for the Jets too. - Sarah
On Thursday we did art.  - Christian
We painted a winter picture. - Rory
We had a Valentines Party on Tuesday, February 14th. - Margeaux
We brought our stuffys to the party and I brought cupcakes. - Lily
The cupcakes were delicious. - Kylie
We are reading a chapter book called Henry Huggins. - Nolan
We were learning about Canada. - Dylan
We went to library. - A
When we were learning about Canada we learned about Canadian symbols. - Nick

Here are a few symbols of Canada and Manitoba that we know:
- Moose      -Beaver       - Loon      - Canada Goose    - Bison       - Polar bear      - Caribou
- Great Grey Owl   - Northern Lights    - Maple leaf    - Golden boy   - Lacrosse    - Medicine wheel
- Hockey    - University of Manitoba   - Bluenose   - Prairie Crocus    - Inukshuk    - Canoe
-  The war memorial

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Help! We all turned into Stuffys!

Today something very strange happened during our story time... we all turned into stuffed animals.  Stay tuned to find out how it all happened!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Class Update

 Skype to Someone
 A few weeks ago, two of our students had the opportunity to try video chatting on their own with two students from Ms. Nelson's grade 1 class from Sun Valley School.  Each student read to the other, reading the text on each page first and then showing the pictures.  Both students from our class were thrilled to share their favorite books and we hope to do this again soon.

Baby Lauren
Baby Lauren came for another visit and she is six months old already.  We sang to her, watched her play with toys and compared here to our Roots of Empathy teaching doll.

100 is a lot

In anticipation of the 100th day of school, which we will be celebrating on Tuesday, February 21st we participated in Mrs. Soltau-Heller's class wikki called 100 is a lot.  Click here to see all of the photos.  The ones our class created have bolded titles underneath them.

Our week in review

We watched some people play the violins and we had assembly. - Maki
We had fun in gym today.  We did gymnastics and basketball. - Zane
We are going to have an art surprise today. - A
We won crazy candy Friday.  We had Twizzlers. - Dylan
We played a math game called Guess My Number. - Kylie
Today we did a spelling test. - Nick
Today we had Turtle Time.  Turtle time is a quiet time where we don't talk and it calms us down.  We turn around and we can close our eyes.  After recess we do Turtle Time.  We think about what stuff we have done in school already. - Devan, A, Abi, Noah, Zane & Josh
In gym we had all sorts of activities, we even did gymnastics. - Morgan
We watched a video about solids, liquids and gases. - Margeaux
Today we had fun. - Rory
We won licorice. - Lily
Today we started a new chapter book called Herny Huggins. - Nolan
Today we are going to have art. - Noah
Today we wrote in our blog. - Lily
Four more days until Valentines day. - Josh
We are going to Univeristy.  Becuase we are going to see our university buddies and we are going to get a treat when we are there.  They are student teachers learning how teach reading and writing.  We send them a sample of our writing and a letter.  They write back to use. - Max, Rory, Mimi, Maki

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Munchkateers

We went tobogganing today for gym. - Devan
Yesterday we saw a play of the three Munchkateers. - Christian

They use the Robert Munch stories and made their names the three Munchkateers - Morgan
Today we had outdoor gym - Josh
Today we saw a video with no words, but it was a very sad a movie. A guy was old and then he came back at the end, then he was young. - Abi
Baby Lauren came yesterday - Sarah
We played a special game during math. - Noah
The game was called doubles plus 1 or minus 1 - Mimi
When we were watching the three Munchkateers.  They thought that we were officers disguised as children. - Nick
Today we played four corners. - Lily
My birthday is tomorrow - Daniel
Today we had a sharing circle - Kaydince
Today we had daily 5 and in daily 5 some people were listening to reading on the computer. - Maki
One of the Munchkateers made farting noises with his finger. - Rory
The three Munchkateers they thought the three were ninjas and then they started the fighting. - A