Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Field Trip AND 100 Day

It was the bumpiest bus ride - Mark
The field trip was fun and exciting.  We did a scavanger hunt. - Kylie
Today we went on a field trip and the place we went to the University of Manitoba to see our writing buddies. - Morgan
With our university buddies we did some art, and we had fun with it.  We had stickers that you could put on the paper. - Mimi
We had cake made by Mrs. Boyd.  It was delicious.  It had Alphabits on it. - Dylan
I saw a little statue of a boy with antlers. - Max
I saw the building where nurses go to school.   - Sarah
Our university buddies were with us and we went on a scavanger hunt.  We had to find words and then we had to cross them out on a paper.  - Maki
When we were going back to our school we saw two mascots. One was a crocodile and the other was a bison.  - Lily
When we were on the scavanger hunt we were trying to find three types of flags. - Morgan
We did art with some of our buddies. - Devan & Kaydince
We played a game where we had to find letters under pylons. - A
When we came outside, we lined up in a straight order and we listened to Ms. Nairn.  We walked in with our group , we stopped, and then we went to see Mrs. Boyd. - Mimi

100 Day
On 100 day we had 100 treats. It was penguins, jellybeans, gummy bears and more. - Daniel
We had 100 day and we played 100 ice cream scoops.  Then we had an activity. - Maki
100 day was fun and exciting.  We did a 100 day game and there was candy. - Kylie
We had a party. - Rory
We did 100 seconds of turtle time. - Noah
We did 100 exercises in gym. - Max
We played a game to 100, like drop of doom and race to 100 and 10 plus. - Mark
Everything we did was about 100 and it was fun. - A
We read a 100 day poem with 100 words. - Maki
Everything was fun. -Aidan

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