Saturday, March 3, 2012

A short message

Today we had high school students came to our school and talked about bullying. - Morgan
We are finishing our Canada I Spy search and find. - Sarah
Soon it will spring break.- Rory
When it is St. Patrick's day I hope we find clues. - Daniel
The high school students made up four plays about bullying and asked us questions. - Mark
Mrs. Burns came to our class this week. - Devan and Kaydince
Some people came to our school and performed some Aboriginal dances. - Nick
We have another new student. - Josh
There was some fighting violents but they weren't hurting any one, they were just pretending. There was also hip hop.- A

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Jackson said...

Dear Ms. Nairn and class,
I was reading a book about monsters of North America and I saw something from Manitoba, Canada. It said there had been some sightings of a monster called Manipogo in Lake Manitoba. Can you tell me your thoughts on that.
Jackson of the Hobloggers Network