Friday, March 9, 2012

World Read Aloud Day - Our Skype with an Author!

On March 7th we Skyped with an author named Ruth Spiro.  She read us her book, Lester Fizz, Bubblegum Artist. - Morgan
The story was about a boy who had a talent to blow bubbles in the shapes of things with one piece of gum. - Nolan
We asked question to Ruth Spiro.  And she asked if her story was good. - Mimi
We had fun Skyping. - Rory
Her book came out around 2008. - Nick

As part of World Read Aloud Day, I set up a Skype session with children's author Ruth Spiro.  We were one of seven class rooms that she read her book, Lester Fizz, Bubblegum Artist, to.  She asked us some question about the weather and life in Winnipeg and some of the students asked her questions in return.  The students really enjoyed hearing an author read their own story.  Thank you so much to Ruth for visiting us. - Ms. Nairn

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Ruth Spiro said...

I enjoyed my "visit" with your class! Thank you for connecting with me on World Read Aloud Day!