Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cards from Across North America

This month our class has been participating in a card exchange with other classes from across North America through Projects by Jen.  The theme this year is snowmen, so our class created snowmen cards, then placed them in envelopes and sent them to our project partners in places like Saskatewan, Tenesse, Florida and Idaho.  The students are very excited with every card we receive and can often be found at the bulletin board when they have some free time. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Busy Class Week

We were very, very, very, very busy this week.

We did two different art projects - Abi
We made Penguines today to put in the gym for our Christmas concert. - Christian
We made little fingerprint snowmen. - Sarah
We learned about how to make a penguin by watching a presentation from the author Oliver Jeffers. - A
We made snowman cards to send to everyone who sent us a card (We are participating in the card exchange across North America Project). - Maki & Rory (and Ms. Nairn)
We have received 10  cards so far. - Morgan

We had library but it was cancelled - Kylie
We had gym today.  In the moonroom we played soccer - Zane
We had grade 6  and 8 students from Arther Day help us in gym to play soccer. - Rory

This week we had a field trip to The Manitoba Museum - Kaydince
We went on the sailboat - Aidan
There was a bunch of different skeleton bones - Nick
When we started the field trip we saw a bison with people on horses hunting them. (They were plastic) - Daniel
We got to see the Touch the Universe program.  The instructor made a rocket out of film canister -
We saw the old town - Mimi
I liked when we went on the pulley chairs - Sarah
We had in the Manitoba Museum - Jana
I didn't get to go to the museum because I was sick - Lily
I liked the Matrix.  The Matrix was alot of mirrors and lights - Josh