Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Busy Class Week

We were very, very, very, very busy this week.

We did two different art projects - Abi
We made Penguines today to put in the gym for our Christmas concert. - Christian
We made little fingerprint snowmen. - Sarah
We learned about how to make a penguin by watching a presentation from the author Oliver Jeffers. - A
We made snowman cards to send to everyone who sent us a card (We are participating in the card exchange across North America Project). - Maki & Rory (and Ms. Nairn)
We have received 10  cards so far. - Morgan

We had library but it was cancelled - Kylie
We had gym today.  In the moonroom we played soccer - Zane
We had grade 6  and 8 students from Arther Day help us in gym to play soccer. - Rory

This week we had a field trip to The Manitoba Museum - Kaydince
We went on the sailboat - Aidan
There was a bunch of different skeleton bones - Nick
When we started the field trip we saw a bison with people on horses hunting them. (They were plastic) - Daniel
We got to see the Touch the Universe program.  The instructor made a rocket out of film canister -
We saw the old town - Mimi
I liked when we went on the pulley chairs - Sarah
We had in the Manitoba Museum - Jana
I didn't get to go to the museum because I was sick - Lily
I liked the Matrix.  The Matrix was alot of mirrors and lights - Josh

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