Saturday, November 26, 2011

Growing Global Connections

This week as we started composing a letter to a class we connected with in England during our Monster Project, I realized much global connections and using technology has become an accessible and natural part of our everyday routines. 

Every day I am seeing the students become more globally aware as they run their fingers over the world map in our hallway to find places we've talked about.  They bring up a conversation we have had with another class via skype or e-mail when discussing the topics we are studying in our classroom.  They are using our blog to extend their learning at home, and as a way to share their learning with their families (Thank you to Christian's Nanna for letting us know that even some extended family is keeping up with our classroom community).

The moment this week that made me realize my students are definitely 21st century learners was when as we were writing our letter, two students raised their hands and asked "Can we skype with them?", like it was something they'd been doing for years.

Ms. Nairn

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Ms. Halbert said...

We checked out your blog and it looks cool. We liked the pictures of the awesome polar bears. We had fun Skyping with you this morning. We hope that we will get to Skype with you again sometime. Did you enjoy Skyping with us?

Bye! We hope to see you again!
Ms. Halbert and the 3H Crew