Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Class Week

Performing our doubles wrap for the grade 1 class
We skyped with another class today.  They did a rap about good fit books and we did a double's rap.  The class we skyped with was a grade 1 class.  We said "hi" and our principal from kindergarten is now their principal.  We asked them questions.  We had fun skyping.  They go for recess the same as us.  This is our second time skyping.

We had gym this week.  We played Yoshi island, treasure island and chicken pox.

We had our Remembrance Day assembly.  We heard a song about the soldiers and it was really sad.  Also we heard orff club.  We had poppies to put on our shirts too.  Some of the students in our school drew pictures about Remembrance Day.

We finished our monster and we have to take him down because he is too big to keep for the whole year.

By Ms. Nairn's Class

Our Last Day with our Monster


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