Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Fit Books

This week we had the opportunity to have Ms. Gauvreau come to our class and talk to us about Good Fit Books.  Here are some of the things we learned as well as other things we did this week:

Good fit books have most of the words you know - Nolan
Ms. Gauvreau talking to us about Good Fit Books
Books are good for your reading and for your brains - Kylie
& Daniel
We have fun with good fit books - Jana
We had another teacher come and we did a good fit books rap - Maki
We had a teacher come talk about good fit books -Kaydince
Don't pick too hard books because you won't know most of the words but you can try another day - Sarah
Don't pick too hard books cause you will just mess up what you are reading - Rory
Have fun reading and don't sit right beside your best friends or you'll distract them. - A  

We are making a car for a lego guy named Mr. Box. - Keiran
The car for Mr. box has to go down the ramp, has to have 4 wheels, hold 3 blockes, have a safe spot for Mr. Box and look cool, nice, and detailed. - Nick

We are having a Christmas play - Mimi
We are going to have Christmas and after Christmas is my birthday - Daniel
We had assembly this morning and we got to see grade 4/5 dance club perform - Jana, Rory and Christian

By Ms. Nairn's Class

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