Saturday, November 26, 2011

Science - Cars for Mr. Box

We have been building cars, modelling our classroom routines to teachers from other schools and continuing to talk about good fit books this week.  Here is what has excited us most this week:

Mr. Box is a little bit lego man - Aidan
Mr. Box likes all our cars - Kylie
He loves every single colour even girl colours.  He is a boy too. - A
Mr. Box has three boxes of luggage  - Nick
Our cars have wheels - Maki
Mr. Box needs a ramp - Dylan

Today we had an assembly about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team.  They are going to the Grey Cup. - Kaydince, Josh and Christian
We did a letter to Ms. Morris' class in England - Rory
We had Ms. Nairn's nephew visited this afternoon - Maki
We had two guest teachers come to our class to see what we're doing for Daily 5 - Nolan
We were modelling for the two teacher - Kaydince
We had to unwrap books because we were learning about good fit books. - Christian and Kaydince

Photos taken by: Christian, Mimi, Josh & Morgan

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