Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Classroom is Good

This is our fourth Friday.  It is also the end of the month.  Here is our week at a glance:

We went on a community walk. We were looking for things about our commuy- Abi

Veronica and Rebecca are moving to another class starting on Tuesday - Veronica

It is Rebecca's birthday tomorrow. - Rebecca

We have daily 5 in our classroom and it is really fun - Sarah

We had math today, we did a rainbow seating game and then we acted out a story.  We also worked on 0 facts like 5 + 0=5 - Mimi and Maki (twins)

Today we had phys. ed. with  a guest teacher and we had music with our music teacher - Kaydince

We had math and we had really really fun.  We were making patterns and then we took a picture.  You can see some of our patterns below.   - Morgan

Can you find the core and the type of patterns we made?

Ms. Nairn's Class

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ms. Nairn's Class

This week we did lots of things:

We did art with Ms. K our guest teacher - Mimi

We got our school photos taken earlier today - Nick

 We did math games with Ms. K and Ms. Nairn - Maki

We got cupcakes on a student's birthday - Rory

We did daily 5 for 20 minutes - Devan

It will be another student's birthday on the weekend - Sarah

We get to see  baby Lauren 10 times this year - Kaydince

We trained for when baby Lauren comes - Daniel

We ran in the hallways for Terry Fox - Christain

We saw a video about Terry Fox - A

We saw a puppet show where two kids had cancer - Nolan & Kylie

Written by Ms. Nairn's Whole Class

Photos by Nolan

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming Soon....Roots of Empathy

Our class is excited to be participating in the roots of empathy program this year.  We will have a special visitor come to our classroom next week and once a month after that, as we learn about caring and respecting others.

Parents: A note was sent home today that needs to be signed so that students can participate in this program.  Please return the note by Monday, September 26th.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Class Promise

Today we added the finishing touch to our class promise.....our signatures.
We have agreed that these are the ingredients needed to create the best class environment possible.

Our Hopes for Grade 2

Last week we read the book How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers and then wrote down our own hopes for Grade 2, an idea I got from the 200 Awesome Days blog.  Here is a video of what we came up with:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Friday of Our First Full Week

We had a full week:

We won crazy candy Friday for the first time in grade 2 - Nolan

We had gym and played a new game called squirt - Rory

The first time we learned about what the classroom has and then we wrote in the black lines and then we showed Ms. Nairn and then we were done. - Mimi

We played soccer in gym - Devan

We spelled words - Maki

We did I Pick (for daily 5) -  Rebecca

Yesterday some of us went to a BBQ - Nick

We are going Mad science soon - A

Today we did a math game with money - Kaydince

Ms. Nairn's Class

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mad Science and Math

This morning we had a presentation from Mad Science.  They will be running an after school program for 8 Mondays starting September 26th, after school.  Students who wish to attend must fill out and return the form they are bringing home today before September 19th.

We have been learning new math games in class and today we played More or Less.

Photos Taken By: Kaydince

Photos Edited by: Kaydince and Daniel

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Monday at School

Today was our first post as a class.  We wanted to share a little about what we have been doing.  We have also started the process of creating our classroom promise and from that came some advice we have for others starting school this year.

Things we want to tell you about us:

We are at Harold Hatcher - Morgan

Monday is going swell - Nick

Some people are nice and on the first days of school we made friends - Sarah

We went to computer today - Noah

We have a box of headphones -Aidan

We had math - Daniel

Advice to others:

Someone will be our friend -Devan

If you're scared of school don't be afraid, try not to be scared

If you're afraid of gym, everyone playing dodge ball and no one aiming at you, don't be.  When I first started no one aimed at me. - Max

When people are being mean to you walk away - Rory

Don't be a bully, be nice - Kaydince

Written by Ms. Nairn and the Venus 1 Crew