Monday, September 12, 2011

First Monday at School

Today was our first post as a class.  We wanted to share a little about what we have been doing.  We have also started the process of creating our classroom promise and from that came some advice we have for others starting school this year.

Things we want to tell you about us:

We are at Harold Hatcher - Morgan

Monday is going swell - Nick

Some people are nice and on the first days of school we made friends - Sarah

We went to computer today - Noah

We have a box of headphones -Aidan

We had math - Daniel

Advice to others:

Someone will be our friend -Devan

If you're scared of school don't be afraid, try not to be scared

If you're afraid of gym, everyone playing dodge ball and no one aiming at you, don't be.  When I first started no one aimed at me. - Max

When people are being mean to you walk away - Rory

Don't be a bully, be nice - Kaydince

Written by Ms. Nairn and the Venus 1 Crew


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Nairn's class!

I was very excited to read your blog and all things you have to share so far. Looks great and I will be checking in throughout the year!!

Your neighbour from Grade 1,
Miss Matsumoto

Anonymous said...

My advice is to have a lot of fun in Grade 2 with Miss Nairn because she is great!

Your Neighbour
Miss Matsumoto