Friday, February 10, 2012

Our week in review

We watched some people play the violins and we had assembly. - Maki
We had fun in gym today.  We did gymnastics and basketball. - Zane
We are going to have an art surprise today. - A
We won crazy candy Friday.  We had Twizzlers. - Dylan
We played a math game called Guess My Number. - Kylie
Today we did a spelling test. - Nick
Today we had Turtle Time.  Turtle time is a quiet time where we don't talk and it calms us down.  We turn around and we can close our eyes.  After recess we do Turtle Time.  We think about what stuff we have done in school already. - Devan, A, Abi, Noah, Zane & Josh
In gym we had all sorts of activities, we even did gymnastics. - Morgan
We watched a video about solids, liquids and gases. - Margeaux
Today we had fun. - Rory
We won licorice. - Lily
Today we started a new chapter book called Herny Huggins. - Nolan
Today we are going to have art. - Noah
Today we wrote in our blog. - Lily
Four more days until Valentines day. - Josh
We are going to Univeristy.  Becuase we are going to see our university buddies and we are going to get a treat when we are there.  They are student teachers learning how teach reading and writing.  We send them a sample of our writing and a letter.  They write back to use. - Max, Rory, Mimi, Maki

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