Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Munchkateers

We went tobogganing today for gym. - Devan
Yesterday we saw a play of the three Munchkateers. - Christian

They use the Robert Munch stories and made their names the three Munchkateers - Morgan
Today we had outdoor gym - Josh
Today we saw a video with no words, but it was a very sad a movie. A guy was old and then he came back at the end, then he was young. - Abi
Baby Lauren came yesterday - Sarah
We played a special game during math. - Noah
The game was called doubles plus 1 or minus 1 - Mimi
When we were watching the three Munchkateers.  They thought that we were officers disguised as children. - Nick
Today we played four corners. - Lily
My birthday is tomorrow - Daniel
Today we had a sharing circle - Kaydince
Today we had daily 5 and in daily 5 some people were listening to reading on the computer. - Maki
One of the Munchkateers made farting noises with his finger. - Rory
The three Munchkateers they thought the three were ninjas and then they started the fighting. - A

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