Friday, January 27, 2012

Everything Was Fun and is Fun

We are writing to our university penpals.  We are going to see them in February - Sarah
We will see our university penpals on February 23rd. - Morgan
Our university buddies gave us letters. - Maki
We had phys. ed. today. - Abi
We did daily 5 and we wrote letters. - Kylie
We had fun in music.  We listened to some music stuff. - Mimi
We had music on January 27th. - Lily
When we had daily 5 we had visitors. - Nick
We did a song in music. - Devan
We talked about 3D shapes and 2D shapes. - Dylan
We had science and learned about gases.  - Max
Today we had people watching us do daily 5. - Kaydince
We had fun at Phys. Ed. - A
It was awesome in music. - Daniel
Four corners is a game where you are trying to get a shape without getting your shape called.  Then the person who is facing the white board and closing their eyes, is trying to guess what shape they're at. - Aidan
We played a game that I forget in gym. - Noah
The gym game was called Chicken Chuck. - Christian


Miss L said...

What are university pen pals? That sounds like such an exciting project!

Room 14 said...

It sounds like you are having a very busy time in your class.
We are looking forward to starting our new school year and seeing all our friends again next week.
Keep up the good work.
From Mrs Eden and Room 14. Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand.