Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Winter Vacation

We did a cool thing in math.  The cool thing was the drop of doom. - Mimi
We had gym and played a really awesome game. the name of the game was Noodle Tag. - Max
In math we learned about 3D and 2D shapes. - Kaydince
We wrote what we know and what we want to know on sticky notes. - Aidan
We played a game in gym called British Bull Dogs. - Noah
In daily 5 some people got to listen to reading instead of reading or working on writing. - Rory
In calendar we did place value - Maki
In daily 5 we did listen to reading. - Abi
We did a Daily Math booklet - Nolan
At school we went around and saw which things of wood and trees and plants and water metal and soil and animals - Sarah
In gym we played games. - Zane
But before we did searching we had to line up and go into groups. - Lily
Today we did a lot of stuff. - Devan
Today we said good-bye to a classmate. - Mrs. R
I saw a bufflo during my vacation. - Daniel
We said something about our vacation on a peice of paper so Ms. Nairn would know. - Morgan
On my vacation I went to Brandon and my cousin and I went swimming for six hours. - Lily
I go to my cousins every day after school. - Josh
On my vacation I broke my ankle and it hurt.

Things we know and want to know about 2D and 3D shapes
Some students using the Lego during indoor recess

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