Friday, October 14, 2011

Work on Writing

This week we have been building stamina in our writing.  I have seen lots of growth in all of the students.  they are working hard to writing longer stories with interesting details.  Here is what some students had to say:

We are having fun - Rory

We are writing about our monster project - Maki

Working on writing helps you learn more words - Nick

I hope everybody made a long sentence - Abi

I wrote a story about dolphin vs. shark - Nolan

I wrote about a dog vs. a puppy - Zane

I wrote about my two guinie pigs yesterday and the day before - Lily

I wrote about surfing - Max

Writing is fun - Josh

I wrote about games -  Devan

My next writing about bay blades - Keiran

I wrote about dog vs. cat - Christian

We don't talk while we're writing - Morgan

We have fun writing - A

We like to write at work on writing - Sarah

I wrote about I went to my cousins - Daniel

I hope everybody worked hard - Mimi

No yelling during writing - Noah

We build stamina - Aidan

I like work on writing - Ethan

We do hard words and we try our best - Kylie

Ms. Nairn's Class

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ethan,
I like wrting too. I've got two questions for you, what do you like to write about and why do you like writing.