Friday, June 29, 2012

One Last Post

I am excited for summer holidays. - Josh
I am excited for grade 3 because we are having a Mexican party. - Mimi
In grade 3 we are going to learn about Mexico. - Daniel
In one of our classrooms we get to have the chicks. - Lily
On today, June 29th, we are having a pizza party. - Nick
Today is the last day of school.  We are very happy for summer holidays. - Kaydince
In Ms. Rempel's class we will get to build a mini structure. - Christian
At the end of school year I will be living with my mom. I get to go swimming at my new school.  But I hope I will be back at Harold Hatcher. - Khonnor
In Mrs. Hadath's class, in grade 3, we are going to learn about countries around the world.  The first country will be Mexico. - Maki
During summer holidays I will be staying with my turtle. - Noah
I am going to the same class that my sister was in. - Aidan
I am going to North Dakota on Sept. 2.  I am a staying at a hotel with my Mom's, friend's two daughters and her grandson.  In the other room will be my  Mom's other friend and her daughter and son. - Rory
We are going to get chicks in Mrs. Rempel's room.  We will take care of them. - Ethan
Today is June 29th, 2012, also known as a pizza party and the last day of school,  You could choose 7up, Cola, or Cream Soda. We also get to choose 2 pieces of pizza.   I don't like pizza. -Mark
I am going to have cheese pizza. Yum. - Devan
Tomorrow me and my family and my brother's friend are going to Tinker Town. - A
 On June 23rd me and my family and family's friends went to Lilac resort. - Margeaux
Summer holidays are so fun. - Abi
On summer break I am going to the zoo, to watch fire works and to see my father's brother. - Sarah
I hope you have a great summer.- Katryna
Summer holidays are going to be so fun, because I get to babysit my baby cousin, with my Nanni and Poppi, at my aunties.- Morgan

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Anonymous said...

Hi ms. Nairn this just reminded me of Margo when she was younger, I reconize is some names in your post! Best of luck with your new class - Gaby