Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kid Fest

In Kid's Fest we got our face painted and some of our groups were having fun.  Then at lunch some people were done, then we got to play with some magic tricks. - Maki
We got balloons and some of us made capes. - Noah
Some of us had mini-donuts. - Daniel
Kid's fest is something outside.  There are some shows and there are some crafts, and then there is this one dinosaur petting zoo. For the crafts there was making a necklace, making stuff out of clay. 
There was a police station and there was police dog which you could pet.- Rory
There was face painting and clown stuff. - Ethan
At the end we got to eat penguin cheddar crackers. - Mark
I had a lot of fun. - Kylie
There was a big dinosaur puppet with a person in it and it was going around trying to eat people.  It's not real though, its just a costume. - Christian
At the Kid's festival some of our students had fun. My group went to the skipping rope station and my sister and I were really good at it.  Then we went to see some shows and then we went to do magic tricks. - Maki
At the kid's festival there was a little area where you got to taste test which is better, Pepsi or Coke. - Nick
There had mascots there one was a penguin, and an M & M and a polar bear and a dragon. - Daniel
Today I saw Ms. Nairn's nephew, Eric. - Dylan
I saw a T-Rex. - Devan
At the Kid's fest there were balloons and when you walk in the police station there was a police sticker and there was balloons.  There was a police sign on the balloon which said "Make the right choice". - Mimi

Special thanks to our parent volunteers Max's Mom, S's Mom, Noah's Grandma and Margeaux's Mom, and Mrs R and Mrs. M.

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