Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Field Day and Skyping

There was 29 stations for field day. - Christian
There was lots of water activities. - Rory
I had a lot of fun   - Kylie
One of the stations was a bubble station, where you could blow bubbles. - Daniel
I went to the hockey shoot out and then I went to another one. - Devan
I went to the coffee run and it is mostly water, not coffee. There was a water one too.  It was awesome today.- A
 There was face painting. - Ethan
In the face painting I got cookie monster and I was going to get Elmo. - Dylan
When I went to face painting, the person who was doing face painting made me a zombie. - Nick
At the field day, there was soccer for grade 2's at a certain time and there was bouncers at a certain time and there was Karaoke that we got to do first. - Morgan
All of us had fun and I put water on my head, I also got to 100 at skipping. - Khonnor
Field day was awesome. - Lily
I liked Skyping with the class from New Zealand. - Sarah
At field day it was fun and I got to go on the bouncer. - Mimi
Tomorrow we are going to have a field trip. - Mark
My face paint is red and black. - Aidan
At field days a lot of people got really soaked. - Kaydince
Field day was lots of fun and there was a bouncer race and there was a bed you had to climb up and slide down. - Abi
When we were Skyping with New. Zealand we played four corners with them. - Margeaux
I had a lot of fun on the bouncer. - S
In field day we had fun. - Zane
At field day we had freezies. - Noah
Skyping New Zealand was really fun. - Josef

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