Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Freeing the Butterflies

Today we got to release butterflies and let them go on our fingers. - Dylan
The butterflies got to go on some people's hands. - Mimi
The butterfly fell off my finger and it flew away. - Devan
Today 12 people got to release the butterflies.  We had them for a couple weeks. - Morgan
The butterflies were Painted Lady Butterflies. - Lily
The butterflies are real. - A
One of the chrysalis fell. - Margeaux
Some people went with sticks and tried to see if a butterfly would land on them.  One of the butterflies did. - Josh
We had the butterflies for many, many weeks. - Sarah
I got to hold three butterflies today. - Noah
I am going to try and catch a butterfly at home. - Rory
Today in science we got to go outside and release the butterflies.  It was fun.  Then we got them some leaves.  When we were done a couple people put them on a leaf.  Then we went back to our classroom. - Maki
Today we freed the butterflies, and one was still a cucoon.  One had both of its wings broken. - Mark
I held a butterfly for the first time. - S
One of the butterflies that I was holding it's wings were really really bent so I had to release it.  - Kaydince.

We are curious!  Have you ever seen a butterfly?

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