Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our very, very busy week

We are learning about four food groups. - Dylan
In science we go to Ms. Rempel's room because they have baby chicks in their classroom. - Rory
We have a new note if you want to participate in running club. - Daniel (It needs to be returned by Monday).
We are going into Ms. Rempel's class because she has eggs. - Dylan
On Wednesday we had a fun in math and we played different kinds of math games. - Maki
We put the eggs in the incubator. - Aidan
Today we played math work stations. - Sarah
Some of the baby chicks eggs say blue and black. - Lily
When the baby chicks come out of the egg they still have to stay in the incubator. - Noah
They have to stay in the incubator because they are wet. - Josh
The baby chicks eggs are going to hatch on May 7 - Morgan
Starting next week the grade 2's get to go on the announcements for 8:30am. - Kaydince
In gym we played cops and robbers. - Nolan
In gym we were going to play a game that I made up called Pac Man Tag. - Abi
My birthday is on the exact same day as the baby chicks hatch. - Nick
Today we are learning about food groups. - Mimi
The eggs have to stay in the heater. - Zane
On April 18 was our day on the structure. - Mark
This week we had two gyms in a row. - Devan
In computer we are working on a book and the website is called Storybird. - Dylan
Some people didn't get to do Storybird yet, like me. - Daniel
On Storybird I made a book called A Fail or Not. - Mark
The four food groups are Vegetables and Fruit, Milk and Alternatives, Meat and Alternatives, and Grain Products. - Christian
Today we did a spelling test. - Nolan
Today it was crazy candy Friday, but we didn't get the candy. - Noah
We went to gym and played blob tag. - Daniel
At recess me and S played little beach. - A
In gym we are doing dances for the Folk Dance and today our dance was the Pata Pata. - Rory
Today at recess me and my friend S saw smoke from places. - Lily
Today in gym we played Mark's new game, Cops and Robbers. - Nick
Today we did spelling. - Noah
Me and Devan went bowling. - Ethan
Yesterday was day four and we had Library, Music and Computer. - Sarah

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