Friday, April 13, 2012

We learned about safety rules on the bus. - Mark
Today at gym we played soccer. - Maki
On Tuesday we had computer.  It computer we played new math games. - Mimi
On Monday we had a special activity.  The special activity was a video about respect and one was about love. - Rory
We did art today and Thursday. - Kaydince
We covered a big paper with crayons. - Devan
We had music today.  We sang camp songs. - Nolan
 We are making story about umbrellas. - Dylan
Today in math we played Drop of Doom. - Sarah
Our guest teacher read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. - Kylie
On Wednesday we had early dismissal and it was really fun. - Morgan
We started a new chapter called Ashes in our chapter book. - Daniel
Hugo was the main character of the chapter book. - Lily
When we went for safety rules on Monday in the bus.  At the end the patrols were outside and they helped us jump and we went back inside and we were going to finish our story of the Three Little Pigs. - Mimi

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