Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here a Chick, There a Chick...

We called four corners for food groups.- Dylan
We got a new class pet.  There are frog eggs. We are also getting butterflies. - Noah
We learned a new song in music. - Devan and Mrs. R
Mr. K in music, yesterday he did some movement with a drum and the blocks. - Mimi
We got to take pictures of the chicks which are next door to our classroom. - Kaydince
Today we get take pictures of the baby chicks with our DS. - Kylie
We are going Oak Hammock Marsh all day on Tuesday. - Max
On my birthday, the chicks hatched. - Nick
Today we had phys. ed.  In phys. ed. we played monster tag.  Also we danced two dances. - Maki
Today we got to take pictures on our DS and Ipod.  We also had a substitute teacher for phys. ed. and spelling. - Morgan
Mr. K is another teacher that is watching our music teacher because he wants to be a music teacher. - Aidan
We are sending a package to England.  In the package there is a moose with Canada tie, letters and pictures of the northern lights.  We are sending a book of ABC about Canada and Caramilk in the package. - Abi
Ms. Rempel and Ms. Nairn both went to the farm to get the chick eggs so we could have them in our classroom for a pet.  Ms. Rempel got to keep them in her classroom and we get to go to her class sometimes, or Ms. Nairn will take a chick.  First Ms. Nairn will tell us to go in a boy girl pattern.  Then she will bring around the chick and we will get to feel the chick and soon we will get to hold it. - Rory
In science we found out that one of the baby chicks did not come out of its egg. - Dylan

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